IMG_9883Hernán «Tery» Langer (Carajo)

Hernán Langer , known as «Tery» was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina , on November 29, 1979 . His love of guitar was encouraged by his friend Pablo Vazquez, who lent his guitar to be initiated. Thus began his connection with the instrument and what would soon become intimate with the music.
The family and social environment Hernán was not musical, and passion for music and the guitar alone I was growing up become a way to express themselves.
Far from being a young bohemian, solely dedicated to music, Hernán began his tertiary studies at the Faculty of Engineering of Buenos Aires , and began working in his father’s company. However many occupations , continued to take private lessons, studying theory , chords and technical training until 1997 when he decided to expand their knowledge in a more formal, since for him , every encounter with his guitar, was a moment of deep emotion that connected to their true essence.
In 2000, Hernán found a musical project that changed his life completely, Andrés Vilanova, his school friend secondary , invited him to participate in a musical project that would develop their art professionally.
It was formed «Carajo», Hernán accepted and it was decided to devote all his time to the guitar, left the faculty and the 2001, he entered the Conservatory «Juan Pedro Esnaola» where music teacher was received, specializing Guitar Classic.
The group, formed by Marcelo Corvalan «Corvata» on vocals and bass Vilanova on drums and Andrew , enriched by the personality and the musical opening of Hernán unprejudiced guitars and vocals, He began playing live independently recorded a demo three topics for the press and early 2002 he recorded his first CD «Carajo».